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By csdesign - July 26, 2017 - edited: July 26, 2017


I'm using a Multi Record Editor to have multiple people enter their own horse information. There have been some errors on the Pedigree/Lineage chart so I'd like to make modify the layout of those entry fields when a user adds a new horse to help ensure that the information is being entered correctly. 

Is it possible to add a table type structure? Could I possibly assign colors to the fields. Being able to do one color for the Mare's lineage and one color for the Stallion's lineage would also be helpful. I need  3 columns by 15 rows. 

A screenshot of the current editor layout is attached plus a sample of the type of layout I would like to achieve IN THE EDITOR. Not on the public website page. I already have that part done. 

I hope this all makes sense. Any input would be greatly appreciated! 

By Toledoh - July 26, 2017

Would it be possible to use the FormGenerator plugin to create a bootstrap styled addForm for that section.  Then edit the layout of that form to be how you want it to display and save it to the server.  Then, include this form in the admin by using a text-link menu item, so users will use that form in the CMSB view.

Should work for new records, but will be a bit harder to use for editing those records.


Tim Forrest

Toledoh Enterprises