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Is it safe to post the login and/or sign-up credentials from the homepage (index.php) where i plan to embed the forms? (i use HTTPS)
The login.php and the sign-up.php pages will still exist but only for completing the procedure and for secondary try if anything went wrong.

Is there any other suggested solution to make this possible?

Please advise,

Hi Karls,

Yes, it's secure and essentially the same.  The source page (the page you're on) doesn't matter because the browser creates a new request that submits to the form target page only.  But definitely using HTTPS is a good idea.

Hope that helps, let me know any other questions.

Dave Edis - Senior Developer

By ht1080z - July 6, 2017 - edited: July 6, 2017

Hi Dave,
thanks for your reply.

So i still need to submit and post the login/signup credentials or i just put everything to the index.php and change the related lines in the websiteMembership.php?

$GLOBALS['WEBSITE_LOGIN_LOGIN_FORM_URL']  = '/login.php';  // url to login form
$GLOBALS['WEBSITE_LOGIN_SIGNUP_URL']      = '/signup.php'; // signup url linked to from the login page

What are you propose?

PS: after i checked again the websiteMembership.php, i didn't find any reason or use for these 2 variable, only for the first in the websiteLogin_redirectToLogin that i can easily modify for my needs.