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By andreasml - June 18, 2017

Hi all, 

In the Section A of my CMSB, a list-type field gets its options from another section (Section B). Section B contains three different fields (ex. title, content, description). I would like this particular list field of Section A to contain two fields from Section B (ex title, content). Please note that I am interested in the cmsb control panel for the input of information and not for the listing or detail pages.

I have used the following MySQL code for the list options of this particular list field of the Section A. 

SELECT title, content

  FROM `<?php echo $TABLE_PREFIX ?>section_b`  

  ORDER BY title

Nevertheless, the list options of this field of Section A returns only the "content" field from Section B, and not both "title" and "content" fields as I expected. 

Any help provided would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Andreas Lazaris, Athens Greece

Level: beginner

By Dave - June 18, 2017

Hi andreasml, 

The CMS doesn't support that directly, but you can do it with custom MySQL code.  It's a bit more advanced but give this a try: 

  SELECT num, CONCAT(title, ': ', content)
    FROM `<?php echo $TABLE_PREFIX ?>section_b`
ORDER BY title

The first field is what is stored in the database, the second is what is shown to the user.  The reason we usually want to store a record number in the database is so if the title or content changes we can still find it by record number.

The MySQL CONCAT function joins multiple values together.

Hope that helps!

Dave Edis - Senior Developer