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Is there any easy way to show a default image for a product in my database, without having to upload one manually to each and every product?

At present the product's that have an image show the image via a simple bit of code (see below) and then obviously nothing shows if no image has been uploaded. But instead of nothing I'd quite like to show a place-holder default, just not sure how to do it.

<img src="<?php echo $upload['urlPath'] ?>" width="<?php echo $upload['width'] ?>" height="<?php echo $upload['height'] ?>" alt="<?php echo $isp_listRecord['title'] ?> Logo Image" />

Hi yea,
I think this could be right,

<?php if(htmlencode($record['urlPath']) === NULL ) : ?>
your image here
<?php else: ?>
your dafault image here
<?php endif ?>




Wow sorry. Anyway, the cms is great.


I will use this with my catalog project, I will use CMSB for a online store.

Thanks, I'll give these a try. Looks pretty simple :) .