Color picker plugin error

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By hiroko - May 11, 2017 - edited: May 11, 2017


This is the first time for me to use color picker plugin. I read about some changes to make from this topic

so I made the changes on css and on colorPicker.php line 30, I changed

addFilter('edit_buttonsRight', 'colorPicker_addJavascript', null, 3);

to this

addAction('admin_footer', 'colorPicker_addJavascript', null, 3);

on the editor it looks fine and I can pick a color, but I am getting these error logs

E_WARNING: Missing argument 1 for colorPicker_addJavascript()
/xxx/cmsb/plugins/colorPicker/colorPicker.php (line 34)

3 same errors for argument 1, 2, 3 for line 34 which is 

function colorPicker_addJavascript($html, $tablename, $record) {


E_NOTICE: Undefined variable: html
/xxx/cmsb/plugins/colorPicker/colorPicker.php (line 57)

which would be 


return $html;


Can someone help me with the changes I need to make? The CMSb version is 3.09 and 3.07.

By hiroko - June 29, 2017


Thank you and I am so sorry I haven't replied.

For now, the plugin became not so necessary, but I will be sure to ask for consulting next time.

Thank you again.