Newletter Builder Add Name Field

By RGC - March 30, 2017

Newsletter Builder Ver 3.04 

I have added a new field to the _nlb_subscribers table called "name" in an effort to identify which members are subscribed to my clients website which is also using the Membership Plugin. The newsletter manage subscriptions page will be accessed by members logged into the membership manager. I have modified the manage subscriptions page to automatically display the users email and name which is pulled from the members accounts table. Within the newsletter subscribe form I am using the following 2 hidden form fields:

<input type="hidden" name="e"value="<?php echo htmlencode($membersRecord['email']) ?>" />
<input type="hidden" name="name"value="<?php echo htmlencode($membersRecord['fullname']) ?>" />

When the user strikes the Update Subscriptions button the email and selected newsletters update properly, but the name does not.

What code is required to get the name field to update the  _nlb_subscribers table when the user updates their subscriptions? I have tried modifying the code within the newsletterBuilder.php file, but have had no success.