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By In-House-Logic - February 10, 2017

A reliable client is reporting an ongoing issue with a late-v.2 install of CMSB. The error they see is:

"An error occurred while updating. Try again in a while.”

This error “pops up” as soon as they open one particular editor list view and also when they try to save an article in that editor.  It doesn’t happen with any other area or pages in this way so it's very local.

The error shows up in a lightbox dialog with only an "OK" button as a choice.

They're on a modern Mac so I assume they are using Safari (but Chrome may be possible).

Any ideas?


By ross - February 10, 2017

Hi Jayme

Thanks for posting.

My first thought is a plugin. 

Do you have any custom plugins on that site?

Can you disable all plugins and see if the error goes away?

If that all checks out, I recommend setting up a test installation with all the exact same sections/data and see if you get the same error.

Does that make sense?

Keep me up to date with how you are making out.


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By In-House-Logic - February 13, 2017

Much appreciated, Ross!

As usual, you're spot on. There was a plug-in that I'd forgotten about on the site.Should let me sort it out from here.