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By Perchpole - December 22, 2016

Hello, All -

Is it possible to clear all outgoing mail in a single action? I recently discovered that a client had a backlog of mail on his system (3,000+) but the list is so big that any attempts to remove the messages (via a bulk action) don't work.

I have tried to find an outgoing mail table in the mySQL table but no luck.

I can delete each message individually, using the delete link, but I don't want to do this 3,000 times!



By Perchpole - December 23, 2016

Hi, Dave -

Sorry, that's my point. It doesn't work. I go through exactly the process you describe and hit "Go". The page refreshes but all the emails are still there!

It's perhaps worth noting that this is CMSB v2.65. I haven't updated yet for fear of breaking something. Even so...



By Perchpole - December 23, 2016

Dave -

I've just had another play and discovered that I can delete batches of up to 250 emails at once. Clearly 1000 is just to big for my server to cope!



By Dave - December 27, 2016

Hi Perch, 

And I've added a "Clear Log" link to the top of that menu for the next release as well.  So in future you'll just be able to click that.

Hope that helps!

Dave Edis - Senior Developer