Re: Convert to Text 1.00 released

By Zicky - November 24, 2016

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Any chance that "Convert to Text" will be updated to function with Perl, or some other languages?  I'd love to put "Convert to Text" to use on the website's I have built, but my hosting company told me they haven't offer Java on their hosting platform since 2011 and consider it a dead language.

By Dave - November 24, 2016

That's really funny.  I think it's actually one of the most popular languages still...

The open-source engine we use for it is java, so it does need java.  Which hosting company are you with and which hosting package do you have? 

Dave Edis - Senior Developer

By Zicky - November 24, 2016


Deluxe Linux shared hosting

yea -  I too was surprised to hear their tech guy say that. Guess I'll have to get a virtual  dedicated server, or switch hosting providers. Any hosting providers you'd recommend?