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By theclicklab - September 29, 2016

Hi there,

Having an issue with searching through multiple fields. Seems like only the last field is being used in the search because when I added a new field called keywords (used for misspellings) to the end I find that only that field brings back results:


Only content in the keyword field is returned. Example search where there is content in "keyword" field:

Example search with no results where keyword is blank but should pick up the yacht name from "yacht_name":

I have attached the search file as well. 


search.php 17K

By ross - September 29, 2016

Hi there.

Thanks for posting.

The issue here is the "_query" suffix after each field name.

You actually only need it on the last one like this:


Give that shot and let me know how you make out.

Note: You need to make sure you have allowSearch enabled in your getRecords call like this:

list($sample_multi_recordRecords, $sample_multi_recordMetaData) = getRecords(array(
  'tableName' => 'sample_multi_record',
  'loadUploads' => true,
  'allowSearch' => true,

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