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By csdesign - July 11, 2016


I can honestly say I'm sure this is all 100% user error on my part but I need some help. 

We just purchased Auto Backup. It's been successfully installed to CMSB. I want it to create a daily backup to the server and then email a weekly copy to multiple emails. I edited those in the Globals of the autobackup.php file. Can I do multiple emails? I entered them comma separated.

I have obviously not setup it up correctly because I'm not receiving emails and I don't see any new copies on the server over the last few days.

$GLOBALS['AUTOBACKUP_DEFAULT_PREFIX']  = '';   // NEW! Set your backup file prefix here, or leave blank to use auto-detected domain from "Program Url" set in: Admin > General > Program Url
$GLOBALS['AUTOBACKUP_SKIP_TABLES']     = array('_cron_log','_error_log', '_outgoing_mail','_nlb_log'); // list of tables to skip

$GLOBALS['AUTOBACKUP_EMAIL']           = ',';       // eg: - If defined, backups will be emailed to this address (only the most frequent backup type will be sent)
$GLOBALS['AUTOBACKUP_EMAIL_FREQUENCY'] = 'weekly'; // hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly

$GLOBALS['AUTOBACKUP_HOURS']  = 24;            // Keep automatic backups for the last X hours (max 24)
$GLOBALS['AUTOBACKUP_DAYS']   = 7;             // Keep automatic backups for the last X days  (max 7)
$GLOBALS['AUTOBACKUP_WEEKS']  = 4;             // Keep automatic backups for the last X weeks (max 52)
$GLOBALS['AUTOBACKUP_MONTHS'] = 6;             // Keep automatic backups for the last X months (max 12)

$GLOBALS['AUTOBACKUP_DIR']    = DATA_DIR . '/backups';

$GLOBALS['AUTOBACKUP_PREFIX'] = _autoBackup_getPrefix();

When I go to Admin > Plugins and click "Run Manually" I get this: 

Creating backup file: /services15/webpages/util/e/y/ Sending backup email to:,, Copying backup file: /services15/webpages/util/e/y/ Copying backup file: /services15/webpages/util/e/y/ Copying backup file: /services15/webpages/util/e/y/ Skipped tables: _cron_log, _error_log, _outgoing_mail, _nlb_log Backup complete! (0.11 seconds)

Then I go to General Settings. This notice is at the top: 

Auto Backup Warning: Please enable Background Tasks so backups can run in background (no tasks have run in the last 60 minutes).

when I go down to backups and Background Tasks - under background tasks is reads: 

To setup Background Tasks, add a server cronjob or 'scheduled task' to execute the following command every minute:
php -q /services15/webpages/util/e/y/

and here's the list of my backup files:  (see screenshot) 

I am not familiar with the server cronjob reference at all - or where to put it.  I tried some things... but they were unsuccessful so I'm not even going to list them. Can someone please help me with that? I'm assuming that's the core of the problem.  Thanks! Tina

By csdesign - July 13, 2016

Thank you!