Need updatedByUserNum.fullname or updatedByUserNum.username in List View

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By Daryl - July 8, 2016

Hi Jayme,

Yes, there is! We've added a new filter for modifying the values displayed in the list view table rows.

You can use the plugin filter called "listRow_record" to add "updatedByUserNum.fullname" or "updatedByUserNum.username" to a table row's record.

First, add a header column in the "edit section" page, ie: updatedByUserNum.fullname

Then create a plugin with a function for adding filter to the record to add "updatedByUserNum.fullname" to the row.

For example:

addFilter('listRow_record', 'addCreatedByFullname');
function addCreatedByFullname($record, $tableName) {

  // get user's full name

  // add to array key that matches the header column
  $record['updatedByUserNum.fullname'] = "ADD_USER_FULL_NAME_HERE";

  return $record;

Note: listRow_record filter is only available in CMSB v3.05.

Please let me know any questions.


Daryl Maximo
PHP Programmer -