Record from one section to be automatically copied to a new record on another section

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By ross - May 11, 2016

Hi Andreas 

Thanks for posting.

Through consulting, we can create you a custom plugin that does everything you listed here.  What you are going to end up with, though, is a lot of duplicate data. This makes it pretty tricky to update anything once you create the original record(s).

Does that seem like it would be an issue?  IE: once you create a record in "General Data", will you ever need to update any of the data in that record?

If the answer is "No, once I create a record in "General Data", I will never need to update it", the custom plugin will work. You still end up with duplicate data but it isn't too big a deal because you aren't updating anything.

If the answer is "Yes, I will need to update the "General Data" record,  I recommend  looking at putting a "user id" field in each of your treatment sections and having that list each of the records in your "General Data" section.  Then when you create a new General Data record, the plugin we create will only assign a "General Data" ID to the treatment record instead of filling out all the other applicable fields.  

Does that make sense?

Either way, I think we are going end up with a custom plugin through consulting and to get the wheels in motion on that, you can email

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