Alert Admin Login not working for me

By Zicky - February 12, 2016

Does anyone know if the "Alert Admin Login" plugin is still functional OR functions with newer versions of CMSB? I loaded in on an older website of CMSB Version 2.53, but it doesn't appear to be functioning and no email notifications are going out when I login under my account, nor under a test admin account.

The plugin states it requires CMSB V2.03

Name: Alert Admin Login 
Version: 1.01 (Released: Feb 11, 2010)
Requires: CMS Builder v2.03

Thanks, Zicky

By gregThomas - February 15, 2016 - edited: February 15, 2016

Hi Zicky, 

I've taken a look at the code of the plugin, and it won't work with any version of CMSB released after version 2.51, which is when it switched from using the session system to cookies for storing user login sessions. 

Unfortunately, this plugin wasn't developed by the Itools team, so we can't provide any support or updates for it. 

If you need this feature, you can send an email to and Ross will be able to help you out.



Greg Thomas

PHP Programmer -

By Zicky - February 15, 2016

Roger that -

I'll be in touch to see what we can do. I also have other ideas to expand this add-on and make it more useful for my needs.


By Djulia - February 16, 2016

Hi Zicky,

It is strange! The plugin works correctly with all my sites. It also works with the last version of 3.02.

Do you have an error in the logs and the counter (Hits) is correctly incremented?



By Djulia - February 16, 2016

I have just proposed an update. (Awaiting Approval)

Can you test? Thanks!


By Zicky - February 16, 2016

Hey Djulia,

I'll give it a try once I have a moment to install and test... and reply with the results.



By Djulia - February 16, 2016

Thanks !  :)