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By degreesnorth - February 10, 2016


I continue to get this issue (seems at random), on this page.

It is actually a page which Interactive Tools developed for me, so not sure what/why it's happening.  It also continues on from a previous post   where this was happening.

Could anyone shed some light on this?



By degreesnorth - February 11, 2016

Hi Greg

There is no space, and <?php header('Content-type: text/html; charset=utf-8'); ?> is the very first line.

I have attached the file - perhaps I am overlooking something else?

Thanks in advance.


conditions_detail.php 13K

By Toledoh - February 11, 2016

Check on line 92 to 94 and change:


<!DOCTYPE html>


?><!DOCTYPE html>

That may help.


Tim (

By degreesnorth - February 11, 2016

Hi Tim

Thanks for the suggestion.  Tried that but still the same error.  

It appears to have errors with the following, as if the cms code is conflicting with:

<?php include_once("analyticstracking.php") ?> and 

<?php include("genetics_header.php") ?>

Hmmm... does anyone have any suggestions?  Many thanks in advance.

By Toledoh - February 11, 2016

It looks like you may have empty lines in genetics_header.php?


Tim (

By degreesnorth - February 11, 2016

No, it's not that either.  It's coming up as the google analytics code which is incorrect.  If I delete that, then it moves to the header.  I honestly think something is conflicting with the code, rather than empty spaces.


By Toledoh - February 11, 2016

Im in the office for another 30 mins if you want me to have a look - grab me on skype? tim at toledoh dot com dot au


Tim (

By gregThomas - February 15, 2016

Hi degreesnorth, 

I'll need to take a look at the sites codebase to be able to work out what the exact issue is, please could you fill out a second level support request:

Then I can take a closer look at the problem.



Greg Thomas

PHP Programmer -

By wolf66 - July 7, 2016

Did you get a fix for this as I have the same issue at present trying to integrate the Membership plugin which I haven't used before.