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By Toledoh - February 24, 2016

Hey Guys.

CSV Import Plugin - can you update the select boxes etc to use the bootcamp styles?  Function is fine, just cosmetics.


Tim (

By Damon - March 1, 2016

Hi Tim,

Thanks for noting the styling issue. I will pass that along to be updated.

Damon Edis -

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By Djulia - April 27, 2016 - edited: April 28, 2016

Hi Daryl,

Website Comments does not work correctly with Permalinks.
The form redirects on permalinks_dispatcher.php

I modified the variable $link (line 264) and that seems to work correctly.

$link = '?';
$link = htmlspecialchars(@$_REQUEST['_wsc_lastUrl']);

But, can you help to find a solution perennial?


By Daryl - May 2, 2016

Hi Djulia,

> Website Comments does not work correctly with Permalinks.

Can you provide us with more details about the issue please?
Does the permalink dispatches incorrect URL?


Daryl Maximo
PHP Programmer -

By Daryl - May 9, 2016

Hi Tim,

We've released a new version of CSV Import plugin with improved styling of the plugin UI:

Here's the release note:


Daryl Maximo
PHP Programmer -