Add Order By to sql_select statement

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By nmsinc - May 17, 2015

I need to add a ORDER BY statement to the following and I'm having a problem finding the correct syntax. I do not want to add the ODER BY to the $where statement as the $where statement is added by an "included page" and it is very lengthy.

If I can sort the output in the 'sql_select' or the 'foreach' statement that would be great - I need to sort by 'last_name' - any help would be appreciated!



       <?php $submissionRecords = mysql_select('submission', $where); ?>
       <select name="num">
       <?php foreach ($submissionRecords as $submissionRecord): ?>
       <option value = "<?php echo$submissionRecord['num'];?>">#<?php echo $submissionRecord['num']; ?> - <?php echo $submissionRecord['last_name']; ?>, <?php echo $submissionRecord['name']; ?></option>
       <?php endforeach ?>


By nmsinc - May 18, 2015

Thanks Djuilia - worked perfect!