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By gregThomas - April 30, 2015

Hey Kurt, 

I've just done some quick testing, but couldn't replicate the issue. Here are the steps I took:

  • Created a new record with an upload, and pressed save and copy twice.
  • Tried deleting an image from one record and checked that it hadn't been deleted from any of the other copied records.
  • Checked that the other uploads had different file names.
  • Tried adding new images to one record, and ensuring it hadn't been added to other records.

I was testing using the latest copy of the plugin from here:

Are you still having this issue? Can you let me know how I can replicate it?



Greg Thomas

PHP Programmer -

By kkegans - April 30, 2015

Greg,  Add an item hit Save and Copy and populate the new record with a new image upload. Hit SAVE  and both the first and second record will have the image uploaded in the second record,

There is a note on the ADD ONS page referencing the issue with a comment that it would be worked on in a future release, but it doesn't seem to have been corrected:

Name:Save & Copy Button

Version:1.05 (Released: Aug 1, 2013 -changelog)

Note: There is a known issue where if you click "Save & Copy" on a record, and then try to upload an image right away, the image doesn't appear and it actually adds it to the original record. To get around this just click "Save" and then "Modify" the new record again. We hope to address this limitation in a future release.

CMSB Rocks!



By gregThomas - May 11, 2015

Hey Kurt,

I've been doing some testing on our local server, and I was able to replicate the issue and I think I've resolved it.

In the most recent releases of CMSB we upgraded the version of JQuery, and the code that detects the iframes on the page seems to not work correctly. 

I've changed the code on line 55 of saveAndCopy.js from this:

      $('iframe.[id$=_iframe]').each(function(index) {

to this:

      $("iframe[id$='_iframe']").each(function(index) {

and this seems to have resolved the issue in Chrome and FireFox. 



Greg Thomas

PHP Programmer -