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By samsam - March 17, 2015

Hi there,

We're looking for someone that would be available to help us out on small/medium tasks with CMSB - Looking for immediate availability.

If you have done many cmsb projects in the past, feel confident building small addons, please PM.

CMSB team, please delete if inappropriate, I want to work with you on larger tasks.

Thank you

By Dave - March 17, 2015

Hi samsam, 

Sure no problem, we're here to help, the "showcase" has some great developers, and anyone else feel free to post if you think you'd be a for for these types of tasks with samsam.


Dave Edis - Senior Developer

By samsam - March 18, 2015

Hi Djulia

Thanks, can you send me your email at samuel@viuu.ca ?