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By Djulia - February 23, 2015 - edited: February 23, 2015


I would like to hide certain erase links in a list.

I try to use this preg_replace. But that does not function.

$actionLinks  = preg_replace("/<a href=/\"/javascript:confirmEraseRecord('{$tableName}','{$record['num']}');/\"/>.*?<\/a>/", "", $actionLinks);

Would somebody have an idea?


By claire - February 23, 2015

Hi Djulia

Pouvez-vous utiliser le function str_replace() à la place? C'est possible que le motif regex dans preg_replace() ne correspond pas à le lien ici.

Can you use the function str_replace() instead? It's possible that the regex pattern in preg_replace() does not match the link here.


Claire Ryan

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