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I hate to tell you this, but this really sounds like your hosting company has disabled php's mail() function!

In CMSB --> General Settings, check "PHP disabled functions:".  Normally, its "none"

You can also check phpinfo() and look for "sendmail_path".  

Hope this helps!

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By rez - February 15, 2015

Thanks northernpenguin.

I don't see the disabled functions in 2.53 (Build 1040) CMSB settings.  I found an info link in CMSB general settings:

sendmail_path:  /usr/sbin/sendmail -t -i

This is on the phpinfo page as well:

disable_functions:  dl

I Googled the above but didn't understand any relation.

By claire - February 16, 2015

Hi Rez

The disable_functions isn't necessarily related to this - the 'dl' entry simply means that additional PHP extensions cannot be loaded when the script is run.

I would say that, absent anything else, it's very likely your host has made a change that stops sendmail from working. It's certainly possible to test this, but I'd definitely ask them first rather than spending time on troubleshooting something that may be out of your control. If they say that no changes have been made, the next thing I'd recommend is to update to the latest version of CMSB if possible, and then submit a support ticket to us through email if the problem keeps happening.


Claire Ryan

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