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Hello, I like the results from http://www.petersmithconstruction.ca/glist.php where a new page is displayed for each picture, with the previous and next links below. However, each new page has the same Title and only a line for the description. I would like to know if it's possible to have a different title for each new page, and also if it's possible to add at least one paragraph of text than just one line.

Thank you

Sven Sanchez

By Dave - November 5, 2014

Hi Sven, 

Do you have anything setup yet?  

Here's what you'd need to do:

  1. Create a new multi-record section with fields for: title, description, and photo (set to create a thumbnail) 
  2. Create a "list viewer" with the code generator that showed 25 results per page, with paging links at the bottom.
  3. Customize that list viewer page to only show a linked thumbnail
  4. Create a "detail viewer" with the code generator that showed an individual page
  5. Customize that "detail viewer" to include the prev/next code 

There's a couple other ways to do it as well, but that's one way.  Also keep in mind that what you want to do is a bit more advanced, it's using some custom code snippets from the forum, etc.  So it might take a bit of practice and patience.

Let me know how it goes! Cheers.

Dave Edis - Senior Developer

Hi Sven, 

Is this issue happening every time you try and upload an image? Could you try the following trouble shooting for me:

  • The upload system uses Flash, try upgrading to the latest version of it. 
  • Try uploading to a none CMS Builder site, and see if you have the same problem.
  • Try disabling any plugins you have running in Firefox/Safari one by one, and attempting an upload.

If these don't resolve the problem, if you could fill out this second level support request:


and post a link to this thread in the message of your support ticket, along with the FTP and CMS login credentials for the site, and we'll take a closer look into the issue.



Greg Thomas

PHP Programmer - interactivetools.com

By Dave - November 12, 2014

Hi Guys, 

Also, I wanted to add an issue like this was fixed in 2.16 (Aug 2012), so if you're running an older version of CMSB try upgrading.

From 2.16 changelog: 
- Compatibility: Added workaround for Chrome browser bug when uploading "User Agent must be Flash, not..."

Let me know any questions.

Dave Edis - Senior Developer