Not connecting to upload library after restore

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By claire - October 2, 2014

Hey Josh

Make sure you check the uploads field itself of whatever section you're looking at to make sure it's not using a custom folder path.

You'll definitely want to check the uploads folder to make sure CMSBuilder is able to write to it.

It could also be that the uploads path is not set correctly - can you check to make sure that the uploads folder is where you think it is?


Claire Ryan

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By pixelMIGHT(Josh) - October 2, 2014

Thanks, Claire. 

I went and checked it all again, including permissions. No luck. 

It's odd. When I manually type in the locations of the image, it displays in the browser. But it won't display in the website when the html is generated via PHP. I'm pretty sure I have the uploads paths set correctly, as the should have been correct since they where correct before the restore of the website as a whole. (The entire site was reuploaded, CMS and all, due to an issue.) Essentially, the HTML that is being put into the image source code is losing the complete path, even though it is present in the general settings.  My "bandaid" was actually to add the missing HTML directly in the HTML file. No worries though, this site is about to undergo a complete rebuild on a different server. 

Honestly, more and more I'm thinking this  I am convinced it is a server side issue we are having. Unfortunately, it's hosted with a company that is down-right hostile when it comes to customer service, so I really can't get them to check anything for me. I suspect that somehow their server has changed the permissions on most of the website files during recovery... out of my scope of knowledge but they changed somehow while being restored... and the files have never been anywhere else but on there server. Something has changed and we just cannot figure out what. 

Anyway, thanks again for your help and we are going to live with our "band-aid" and move on to our new build and put this restore fiasco behind us. (Which I believe has nothing to do with Interactive Tools' CMS, it's a great product and I've done restores before with zero issue.)

By claire - October 3, 2014

Sorry to hear that :/ if there's anything else we can do to help, please let us know.


Claire Ryan

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