How to optimize Uploads table ?

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By Djulia - July 25, 2014


Our MySQL server records much request slow on the Uploads table.

I will want to know if somebody had optimized the approach.

I thought of adding an INDEX on the tableName column.

Would somebody have another suggection?



By Djulia - July 29, 2014

Hi Claire,

I also have some Slow with the Hidden field. I think that the use of an index would be pointless.
ANALYSE() recommends to use a type ENUM. This kind of field seems to behave like an index...

Do you have an opinion?

Thanks again!


By claire - July 29, 2014

Hi Djulia

Normally I'd start running through a few test queries in the database itself, using EXPLAIN to check what indexes are being used and how many records are being searched.

Honestly, there isn't any one solution to database optimization, so the best thing to do is to copy your database locally, and try a few different approaches to see which gives you the biggest boost to speed.


Claire Ryan

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