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By Dave - May 5, 2014

Thanks everybody for your beta feedback! We've released beta2, stay tuned for an email with a new link.

@KCMedia, I couldn't reproduce the isInstalled() error, if it happens again make sure /lib/init.php got uploaded fully as it's in that file. Also I've corrected the issue that caused the upload path to be incorrectly set on install, this should fix the thumbnail issue as well.

@Djulia, I've fixed the flash uploader, CMS_ASSETS_URL/DIR can be modified in /lib/init.php (search for "cmsAssets"). Another approach to hiding cmsAssets is just to install everything under a subfolder of your choosing.

@Deborah, The upload url generated on install now doesn't have a http://domain/ part to prevent the error on saving Admin > General. I couldn't reproduce the forbidden error after renaming admin.php, though, but I've removed that security tip for beta2. (Just stick with admin.php)

@jenolan, Would it work to just install under a single directory to keep everything together to begin with? eg, /cms/cmsAdmin, /cms/cmsAssets/, /cms/cmsUploads? You can even rename the admin and uploads folders on install and it shouldn't break anything.

Please post any additional bug reports on this thread -or- feel free to email me at if you'd like me to take a look at any issues with an install on your server.

I'll send out an email with a beta2 download link shortly.


Dave Edis - Senior Developer

By jenolan - May 5, 2014

If the install does it as one by default that would be better, because unless the person doing the install is aware of doing it as one folder trying to change it later becomes an issue.

In the aMember community, especially if it is aMember with Wordpress coming along later to do some work can mean spending a huge amount of time just working out WTF the user has done installing all the stuff that they have loaded onto the site. If cmsBuilder installs to one directory by default that means if you need to add some more later then there is no root folder growth, it is just a suggestion ;-) I am hoping to get back to normal dev work soonish still flat out like a lizard drinking on helping a friend setup his site ... two years of nothing else I am looking forward to coding stuff my way to get the 1&0's the way I like.



Peace and Long Life

By Deborah - May 7, 2014

Hi, Dave.

Beta 2 testing went great! I can't identify an issues.

I struggled with how to set up my directories and found it best for my needs to place all three CMSB directories into one master directory. Then in the admin general settings, I changed the default upload directory to one outside of the master directory. (I've always had my uploads outside of the CMSB uploads directory, so this was a consideration for upgrades.)

I'm thinking that for additional security as might be needed for some sites, one could also protect the master directory via htaccess for a double-login.

Looking forward to the release!

~ Deborah

By Dave - May 7, 2014


>If i start a new installation with this release, it will be upgradable with the final v2.62?

Yes, just perform an upgrade.  Old versions and beta can be upgraded to the latest version same as usual.

>The upgrade from 2.61  to 2.62 will be possible?


>Can i change the cmsAssets and cmsUploads path names in the in the init.php and the cms will work properly?Any other changes that need to be done for the admin folder?

/cmsAssets/ can only be changed in /lib/init.php and isn't really meant to be changed, but you could and it should work fine.  /cmsUploads/ can be changed under: Admin > General.

If only has any feedback and how you setup your directory structure, or how you would like to, post and let me know.   Thanks!

Dave Edis - Senior Developer

By Djulia - May 8, 2014


I modified /cmsAssets/ in /lib/init.php and all seems to function correctly.

For me, the ideal structure of directory would be (with the possibility of naming differently cmsAssets) :


It would be really interesting to be able to adapt the structure according to our needs.

Thanks again!


By kkegans - May 16, 2014

Haven't seen any new postings in over a week, is this beta about ready to become a full release, or has it gone back to the development team for a re-work?

CMSB Rocks!



By Dave - May 23, 2014

Hi Kurt, 

We might change the directory structure some more and have one more beta but I don't anticipate many more code changes.

And re: directory structure, you'll be able to use the old or new format and we'll have instructions on that.  I'm not planning to change the directory structure on our own site right away, but for new sites I'll use the new structure.

Hope that helps, let me know any questions.  Cheers!

Dave Edis - Senior Developer

By Deborah - May 23, 2014

Hi, Dave.

For v2.62 Would it be possible for the default directory names (particularly the admin directory) to be all lower case? Or at least the ability to rename prior to install?

~ Deborah

By ht1080z - May 25, 2014

Hi Dave,

In my previous post i asked about the new folder layout but i'am  interested only in renaming folders not re-organizing the folder structure. After some tests, i came to solution, simply putting the 3 main folders in one container folder, that works for us perfectly.

A few problems i found using the latest beta:

Flash uploader not working (in the same server that we use 2.5x or older in many clients)
Error message: Please login again. (or 'Disable Flash Uploader' under: Admin > General > Advanced Settings).
After logoff and relogon the problem is the same. Disabling flash uploader, the uploads are working but its still a problem, flash uploader is faster and more handy with many photos/files.

I use my older scheme templates for creating sections (all from 2.5x versions) but when i try delete some field from the section i getting error:
Error: Error: Form method must be POST!(The permissions are changed to 755 and/or 777 via FTP.)
I can add and rename fields in the same section.

Please advise,