Remove checkbox from top level category when 'get options for database'

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By Chris - April 21, 2014

Hi Josh,

Can you post the query you've set forĀ 'Get options from database (advanced)' and a screenshot showing the offending checkbox?

All the best,

By pixelMIGHT(Josh) - April 23, 2014

Hi Chris,

Thanks for getting back to me.

Basically, what I would like to do is, in the CMS, have imported category menus arrange so they show the category levels in a logical manner as opposed to one indiscriminate checklist as shown in the attachment. The menu is limited to 2 level, so there is only one level of multiple category headings and an then multiple list items, in a sense. (Note: I am referring to the functionality in the CMS, not on the webpage.)

What I'd, ideally, like to happen is that the 1st level, or heading, show in bold - or - the 2nd level, or list items, become indented. This way, there is a clear, logical distinction in the CMS as to what is a heading or list item and easy for the client to understand the list.

I'm not sure if there is a simple way that I am overlooking or if it is a simple tweak or not. Either way, it's not that big of a deal, but I think it would be a little more clear for the client.

A screen shot of the CMS and webpage is attached. I've also attached a shot of the screen editor.




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By Chris - April 29, 2014

Hi Josh,

It's not possible to make the fields bold without developing a custom plugin, but what you can do is use a custom Mysql query to add a hyphen and a space (for example) before the labels of checkbox items with a depth > 0 (top-level categories have a depth of 0).

List Options:

Get options from MySQL query (advanced)

SELECT `name`, CONCAT(IF(`depth`, '- ', ''), `name`)
FROM `<?php echo $TABLE_PREFIX ?>portfolio_tags`

(Or see the attached screenshot)

I hope this helps. If you still need bold items, we can build a custom plugin for you through our paid consulting service -- please let me know if that's something you're interested in.

All the best,

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By pixelMIGHT(Josh) - May 16, 2014

Thanks, Chris. I like the solution of having the > 0 items with a "-" and it almost does it, but creates a second issue: The items with a depth of 0 are all at the top of the list and those with a depth > 0 are below. If it's not possible to easily have the list stay in depth order using this advanced query, then no problem. I'll consider a custom plug-in if my client has an issue with what is otherwise achievable.