Membership 1.10 HTML mail template

By ht1080z - December 12, 2013


I try to embed an HTML mail template file for signup, password-reset,... but the wysiwyg editor change my original code and in the mail content the link for images are modified (the image path in the sent mail are only local path).

<img src="">

is changed to:

<img src="images/email/logo.jpg">

Any suggestion how to fix this?

Thank you in advance,

By Toledoh - December 12, 2013

Same issue here.  I've tried using the placeholders below, but it strips the "http://"



Tim (

By Dave - December 12, 2013

Hi Guys, 

There's two competing requirements here:

  • For the CMS and website, it makes sense not to store the "http://domain/" part so domain name changes or server moves don't require extra edits, it just uses whatever domain it's on
  • But of course, for emails, you need a hard coded absolute URL.

Try setting this option under: Admin > General and let me know if that works for you: 

WYSIWYG Options: [x] Save full URL for local links and images (for viewers on other domains)

Hope that helps!

Dave Edis - Senior Developer

By Toledoh - December 12, 2013

That works - thanks Dave!


Tim (