Email New Account Notification - setup question

By csdesign - October 14, 2013


I have just added the Email New Account Notification plugin:

The plug-in is installed and showing on the User Accounts page but I'm stuck on the very last part: 

Two global variables must be set to customize the plugin for your site. They are for membership link for membership login page and the text that will be used for this link.

Can anyone help me with this? The membership plugin has been installed and works perfect.  I have a membership login page (user-login.php)

I've attached the original user-login.php page for reference. 

Thanks so much for the help!! 


user-login_001.php 4K

By ross - October 17, 2013

Hi csdesign

Thanks for posting!  

Hopefully the plugin's author will see this post but in the meantime, I suspect that the variables mentioned are set in the plugin file itself. If you open the script in a text editor, you'll see the following:

$GLOBALS['GL_ENA_LINK_NAME'] = 'email account activated';  // the link name in the list
$GLOBALS['GL_ENA_MEMBER_LOGIN_LINK'] = ''; // membership link used in email
$GLOBALS['GL_ENA_MEMBER_LOGIN_LINK_TEXT'] = 'Your Member Site Text'; // membership link text used in email

That's what I think you are looking for. Does that make sense? Have a look and let me know any questions.


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By csdesign - October 18, 2013

oh geez.. yes, that would have been a great place to look! ;) thank you.  I just posted my other tech issue concerning the Membership Plugin. If that one can be fixed - then I could just ditch this one and save some time. 

So, I changed the globals in the "gl_emailnewAccountActivated.php" plugin to: 

$GLOBALS['GL_ENA_LINK_NAME'] = 'email account activated';  // the link name in the list
$GLOBALS['GL_ENA_MEMBER_LOGIN_LINK'] = ''; // membership link used in email
$GLOBALS['GL_ENA_MEMBER_LOGIN_LINK_TEXT'] = 'Your membership is complete! You may now create your own conception reports!'; // membership link text used in email

Just for good measure... and because I wasn't sure. I also added them to the user-login.php page.  However, still getting this error upon clicking on "email account activated" text in the user accounts. 

MySQL Error: Unknown column 'firstName' in 'field list' (at old_alias_functions.php line 20 in function mysql_select_query)

This is line 20 in old_alias_functions.php:

function mysql_query_fetch_all_assoc($query) { return mysql_select_query($query); }

I see that the User Account Section Editor uses "fullname", not "firstName". Is that the issue? I changed all the references for "firstName" to "fullname"  in "gl_emailnewAccountActivated.php" which then produced this error below. So I switched both instances back to "firstName". 

MySQL Error: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'FROM cms_accounts WHERE num = '35'' at line 1 (at old_alias_functions.php line 20 in function mysql_select_query)

I've attached the gl_emailnewAccountActivated.php just in case that helps. Thanks !! Tina