Connecting a List Page to a Reports Page

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By Jason - September 26, 2013


You can check to see if there is a url entered before outputting a link like this:

<?php if ($record['ses_url']): ?>
  <a href="<?php echo htmlencode($record['ses_url']) ?>" class="captions">Info</a>
<?php endif ?>

For logins, are you using the website membership plugin?  If so, you can use a similar method to the above to check to see if a person is logged in.  We do this by checking for the $CURRENT_USER variable like this:

<?php if ($CURRENT_USER): ?>
  <a href="cdb-stallion-reports.php?title=<?php echo $record['title']; ?>" > <?php echo $reportCount;?> Reports</a>
<?php endif ?>

In addition to this, you should put code on your cdb-stallion-reports.php page that will redirect a user back to a login page if they are not currently logged in.    You can do this like this:

if (!$CURRENT_USER) { websiteLogin_redirectToLogin(); }

With the website membership plugin, there is a code generator that will help you to create signup, login, profile, and forgot password pages.

hope this helps

Jason Sauchuk - Project Manager

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Hi Jason, 

In reply to the Website Membership Plugin, is required cms builder v2.52. I checked and it looks like the program version on this site is 2.5.  How do we go about upgrading that?

thanks! Tina