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By HDLLC - September 17, 2013

for lack of a better description, I am trying to merge two CMS installs into one...

The tables all had different names, except the users, which wasn't a big deal.  I just left that table out.

I imported into the database but figured I needed to add to the schema so that they'd show in CMS Admin and could be managed.

I'm missing something in the process...  Wondered if anyone else has tried to do this?

One is a CMS Builder store install using SimpleCart while the other is a CMS Builder site we just used as a content manager.

I wanted to combine the two under one "roof".  Are there steps to doing this, or am I looking for trouble.


Thanks in advance!

By Jason - September 17, 2013

Hi Jeff,

In general terms, that approach looks right.  The only time you would run into trouble is when you have tables with the same names.  If all the section names are the different, that part will work.

Where I can see you running into issues is with the uploads table, as the act of importing the uploads table will wipe out all of the data in the current uploads table.  You can also run into issues with files having the same name.

I can see there being two options to tackle this issue.  If there are not a lot of records with uploads in the sections you are importing, you can simply leave the uploads table off of the import, and manually re-upload all the files you need within those records.  The other option is that if you are talking about a lot of records, you/we can create a custom import script that would take each of the uploads one at a time and "re-upload" them to your new installation.  This would avoid any num or file name collisions.  If you are interested in this option, please send an email to and we can go over some options.

Hope this helps

Jason Sauchuk - Project Manager

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By HDLLC - September 17, 2013

Thanks Jason - dropped an email back...

I don't think there are any uploads that crashed...

If I add an ini file to that schema folder, it kills the cmsAdmin...  It errors out and gives the message.

Is there anything else that needs to be adjusted?