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By Mikey - September 16, 2013

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I'm having a similar issue as well with cmsBuilder V2.51. I can get logged in, do things, create records, upload files and everything runs smoothly... then out of nowhere I'm logged out. Then on other occasions I'm logged out of cmsBuilder repeatedly. I tried using the (session.save_path) to a different directory, but that didn't cure the issue either. Anyone have any suggestions?


By Jason - September 17, 2013


Do you find that this occurs when you perform certain actions, or click on certain links?  Has this been happening for awhile, or has it just started recently?

If you could fill out a 2nd Level Support Request, we can take a look into this further :

Hope this helps,

Jason Sauchuk - Project Manager

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By Mikey - September 17, 2013

Hey Jason,

To the best of my knowledge the issue has existed from day 1 of the installation. It's sporadic - sometimes it happens a lot, other times it can take a while before it acts up. I'm submitting the ticket now.

By Mikey - September 18, 2013

Thanks for the help Jason.

You're the best!