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By Jesus - September 10, 2013


I'm creating a table to fill out some slider values and I'm using radio buttons to choose the effect of the slider. However, I'm having an issue as I'm trying to show on the backend regular text (so the user can select the type of effect they want on the image) but the value needs to be something like this: transp_round.

Is it possible to adjust the value of the radio button to get the value I need on the code and show a regular plain text on the radio label so the user can select it properly?

Thanks for pointing me to the right direction on this.


By Jesus - September 10, 2013

Fixed. From the documentation...

"Tip: You can use the pipe character ("|") character to specify different option values and labels. Like this "option value|option label". The label will be displayed to the user and the value will be saved to the database and displayed by the viewers."