Newsletter Builder 3.0 Released (Multiple lists & More) *** UPDATE: 3.01 Released! ***

By Dave - September 9, 2013 - edited: October 4, 2013

Hello All, 

We've released a 3.00 update to Newsletter Builder with the following features: 

  • Multiple Mailing Lists: Multiple mailing lists can now be created and users can choose which to subscribe to.
  • Dynamic Mailing Lists: You can now create mailing lists with custom search queries or database queries.
  • Subscriber Tables: You can now specify which table to use for list subscribers table as the source of subscriber emails (such as the CMS accounts table)
  • Improved Mailer: Mailing is now handled by CMS Task Scheduler. Setup under: Admin > General > Background Tasks
  • Subscriber Placeholders: When available, subscriber fields can be displayed with #subscriber.fieldname# (eg: fullname)
  • Message Placeholders: When available, these newsletter fields can be displayed #newsletter.num# and #newsletter.subject#
  • Custom Placeholders: You can now add custom placeholders by creating a file: newsletterBuilder-custom-placeholders.php

If you're new to Newsletter Builder, it's simple and easy to use newsletter software that lets your clients create and send newsletters. You can read more about it and check it out here:

If you've already purchased, you can download the upgraded plugin for free here:

Note: You also need CMS Builder 2.53 which we released April 4, 2013, get that here:

Let me know any questions, cheers!

Dave Edis - Senior Developer

Newsletter Builder 3.0 Released (Multiple lists & more!)

By Dave - September 13, 2013

Hi Djulia,

Looks like we missed that one from this release.  I can see about adding it to a 3.01 release within the next week or so along with a few other minor improvements.  Feel free to email me direct to remind me if it takes longer.


Dave Edis - Senior Developer

Newsletter Builder 3.01 Released

By Dave - October 4, 2013

Hi All, 

We've just released a minor update with the following fixes and updates: 

*** September 30, 2013 - Version 3.01 Released (Maintenance Release)

New Features

- Newsletter Settings: Added new "Return-Path" email for collecting bounce messages from invalid member emails
- Newsletter Templates: Added field for custom CSS
- Email HTML: CSS is now displayed in html header and body for maximum compatibility with different email clients

Bug Fixes & Minor Changes
- Optimization: Mailing Lists "Subscriber Count" code, click "recalculate" on Mailing Lists menu to update counts
- Counts are also automatically updated on: mass add emails, mass remove emails, "add all subscribers", edit mailing list, and save mailing list
- Log Optimization: Blank log entries that indicate nothing was mailed are only stored for 10 minutes (to reduce total log records)
- Usability: Removed Plugin Menu link "Newsletter Mailer". Newsletters should be automatically sent via: Admin > General > Background Tasks
- Misc Code and other minor improvements

Let me know any questions!  Thanks.

Dave Edis - Senior Developer