Can't Update Admin > General Settings after installation

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By bragg31 - June 11, 2013

I just installed version 2.53 (Build 1040) of CMS Builder.   Everything seems to be working fine with the exception of the Admin  > General Settings page.   Anything I attempt to change on this page reverts back to it's previous state when I click save.  I assume it's a permissions issue, however I have not been able to locate the file that will solve this issue.  

Any help you can offer would be appreciated.

Scott B

By gkornbluth - June 12, 2013

Hi Scott,

I've found that re-uploading the installation files usually fixes any idiosyncrasies that I've encountered on installation.

Don't forget to back up your databases and your CMSB files before you re-upload the installation.

Hope that helps, but if not, the gurus at IT will certainly be able to help.

Jerry Kornbluth

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By bragg31 - June 12, 2013

Thanks for the reply Jerry.  

Re-uploading the files did indeed fix the issue.   I've installed CMS Builder on probably 10-15 sites now and never had a problem.  Guess it was my turn :)  This was the first installation that I didn't have to manually set the permissions on all the files though (which is great!) so I'm guessing that probably had something to do with it.

In any case, much appreciated. 

Scott B