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By ht1080z - March 31, 2013


We trying to use the Newsletter Builder plugin and with defaults try to send for subscribers newsletter but the plugin not working.

For test users the mails are sent and received but for Subscribers not at all.

In the Messages i can see Sending (0 of 2) and nothing after.

We purchased the plugin month ago but never tried to use in action.

This is a very urgent request. please reply ASAP.

The plugin updated to 2.03, CMSB is version 2.51

I sent to details about the server.

Please advise,


By Dave - March 31, 2013

Hi Karls, 

Have you setup a cron job to run the background mailer script here? /cmsAdmin/plugins/newsletterBuilder/background-mailer.php

You can see the readme.txt for more info, but basically you need to run that script every 5 minutes.

Also, note that if you've "sent" a number of newsletters they may all get sent at once once you turn that on.

Hope that helps, let me know any questions.

Dave Edis - Senior Developer

By Dave - April 2, 2013

Hi Karls, 

So it sounds like you've got the first issue resolved and some additional questions and custom modifications to the plugin.

We can't promise to always been able to provide support or feedback on custom modifications, but here's some info:

We have the purchased CSV import plugin but this tools cannot see the 'system' _nlb_subscribers table.

Try commenting out this line in csvImport.php to show "system" tables that start with an underscore:

if ($tablename[0] == '_') { continue; }

Can we just modify the csv import plugin to work with the _nlb_subscribers table or rename the subscriber table and change all the affected lines in the newsletterBuilder.php and background-mailer.php? What you suggest?

It's going to be a bit tricky and require some debugging.  Ideally the less changes the less likely of breaking something else and less testing required.  If you can use the existing "_nlb_subscribers" table I'd try that first as it might be easiest.  Just make the the subscriber "num" doesn't change each time you re-import.

Also the 'authkey' (that the embedded import utility fills during import with generated keys) is important why? It is required for unsubscribing?

The confirm subscription, unsubscribe, and link tracking all use URLs with the users subscriber "num" in the url to identify them.  To prevent someone from faking a request from a different user "num" we require them to also submit the value in "authkey" with is a randomly generated string.  It's basically like a secret password to prevent people from hacking together fake links to pretend to take actions on the behalf of other users.

Hope that helps!

Dave Edis - Senior Developer

By ht1080z - April 5, 2013

Hi Dave,

Thank you for your advise!