Newsletter Builder v2.03 Released!

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By Dave - November 13, 2012

Hello All,

We've released a 2.03 update to Newsletter Builder with the following features:
- Scheduled Send: You can now specify a future date when a newsletter will be emailed out.
- Templates: Create multiple email templates to control the look & feel of sent emails
- Log Data: Added data for: emails of unsubscribers, urls of clicked links, imported emails, test mailout emails
- Log Seaching: Added advanced log search options for: Event type, subscriber num, message num

If you're new to Newletter Builder, it's simple and easy to use newsletter software that lets
your clients create and send newsletters. You can read more about it and check it out here:

If you've already purchased, you can download the upgraded plugin for free here:

Note: You also need CMS Builder 2.17 which we just released September 1st, get that here:

Let me know any questions, cheers!
Dave Edis - Senior Developer

By Djulia - January 23, 2013

Hi Dave,

Is it possible to add "Reply-To:" in the header fields ?



By Dave - January 23, 2013

Hi Djulia, I'm sure we could.  What do you want it set to and why?  Thanks!

Dave Edis - Senior Developer

By Djulia - January 24, 2013

Hi Dave,

It seems that this value must be configured for some versions of Apple Mail.
Otherwise, the reply function do not work in the software.

But, I do not have really information to explain the problem objectively. :(



By Dave - January 26, 2013

Hi Djulia, 

You can add that to all CMSB emails like this:

  1. Open /lib/common.php
  2. Search for: $options['headers']['From']
  3. Replace this
    $options['headers']['From']         = $options['from'];
  4. With this:
  5. $options['headers']['From']         = $options['from'];
    $options['headers']['Reply-To']     = coalesce(@$options['headers']['Reply-To'], $options['from']);

Can you let me know if that fixes the issues you are having? 


Dave Edis - Senior Developer

By Djulia - January 28, 2013

Hi Dave,

It is perfect ! Thanks ! :)


By Dave - January 28, 2013

Ok, great.  I'll add that to the default code for v2.51, thanks.

Dave Edis - Senior Developer

By Dave - March 12, 2013

Hi Djulia,

>Is it possible to add dates in placeholder (#today#, #created#...)?

It would be hard to anticipate what each user would want.  I've added support for adding custom placeholders, though.  You can just create a file in the plugin dir called: newsletterBuilder-custom-placeholders.php

  $placeholders['unixtime'] = time();
  $placeholders['today']    = "whatever you want here";
  $placeholders['created']  = "whatever you want here";

I'll send you an updated version with that code and it will be in the next release.

>It would be also interesting to be able to add a style in the header.
>Currently, we are obliged to add a style in the plugin.

Have you tried specifying the style in the WYSIWYG under: Newsletter Builder > Templates?  Not all mail clients respect CSS styles in the <head></head>.  We've updated the wysiwyg in 2.50 to allow style tags in the content.

Let me know any feedback or suggestions, thanks!

Dave Edis - Senior Developer

By Djulia - March 14, 2013

Hi Dave,

>Have you tried specifying the style in the WYSIWYG under: Newsletter Builder > Templates?

The request of certain customers is to be able to add a background image for example (applicable on the body tag).
The only solution that I found for the moment is to add the style in the file of the script.

In fact, I thought of being able to add an additional field in the Templates table and to use this variable in the script ($template [“css”]).

A style is already used in the script :

<style type="text/css">
  p { margin-bottom: 1em; }

Your opinion?

Thanks again!