Login with Facebook - first impressions / problems

By ht1080z - November 27, 2012 - edited: December 1, 2012


We are very exited about this new plug-in and after purchasing, this is our first time to implement it.

CMSBuilder 2.17
Website Membership 1.08
Facebook Login 1.01

All steps that you described in the readme file about installation & settings are completed and verified.

Our website has twitter like signin dropdown box on the top header on all pages (fb_login_1.jpg, the texts are in greek but you can read as standard fields like login name and password).

Some problem/question occurred using the plug-in:

1. after clicked on the facebook login image, the page redirected to the classic facebook login (fb_login_2.jpg) Can we get this page in popup window like regular facebook login?

2. after the login credentials accepted we redirected to another facebook page (fb_login_3.jpg) where we need to click on the “Go to App” to return to our website. This is strange, normally after the login the page need to return to our homepage without this step.

3. the return link format is: http://www.mydomain.gr/#_=_ where the '#_=_' is unknown but the page is opened.

4. we needed some extra field with the registration, so I inserted into the plug-in php file in the line 230 as: 'type' => 2,
I hope is it ok.

The registration completed after all and the user's details successfully inserted into the default WSM_ACCOUNTS_TABLE.

Maybe all the above is just about fine tuning of the plug-in, but we think that most of the users already knows the classic 'login with facebook' feature and any unusual step may demoralize the login procedure.

Please advise,

By Dave - January 8, 2013

Hi Karls, 

Sorry fro the delay.

I can update the plugin to lauch the facebook login in a popup instead of the main window.  I think we'd like to use that on our site as well.

Can you email me direct at dave@interactivetools.com and I'll send you a beta version you can try?


Dave Edis - Senior Developer