Newsletter Builder v2.00 Beta 1

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By northernpenguin - September 30, 2012

Dave: my clients would be vey happy to be able to send a newsletter to a subgroup of subscribers.

However, depending upon how you implement multiple newsletters, this may solve itself, as each newsletter should have a separate subscriber list.

Can you add me to the Beta test list?

Thanx......... Ragi
Northern Penguin Technologies

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Re: [northernpenguin] Newsletter Builder v2.00 Beta 1

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By Dave - October 3, 2012

Hi Ragi,

Ok, we've got "multiple lists" on the development plan for an upcoming release, and a fix in the works that specifies the CSS for <p> tags in the message body so yahoo displays them as they should.

For multiple lists the first release will likely have a list of newsletters that the subscribers can check to join. I'll know more once we do some development and research some options.

And, of course, once I have a beta of multiple lists, I'll be able to use it to create a beta list for newsletter builder. :)

Dave Edis - Senior Developer