Report Builder on .xls ?

Re: [Djulia] Report Builder on .xls ?

By gregThomas - September 28, 2012


It is possible to use the CSVEXPORT_FOR_EXCEL feature. You will need to uncomment line 271 and 303 to 305 in reportBuilder.php. Then you will need to set $GLOBALS['CSVEXPORT_FOR_EXCEL'] as true at the top of the file. If your also using the CSV Export plugin you need to make sure that CSVEXPORT_FOR_EXCEL is set to true in this add-on as well.

This feature is experimental and yet to be properly tested, so there is a small chance you might experience problems with it. Because of this we don't offer full support for the feature at the moment.

Greg Thomas

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Re: [greg] Report Builder on .xls ?

By Djulia - September 28, 2012


That functions correctly!