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By alissibronte - September 19, 2012

Hi guys,

I'm using CMSB 2.15 and I'm trying to relativize Website Root Directory for easy change of cms dir.

For example:

I have my CMS in and I want to change to

When I made this change then CMS uploads don't work.

My settings:

Website Root Directory: /master
Upload Directory: ../uploads/
Upload Folder URL: /uploads/

I thought that Website Root Dir was needed to append it to upload and get a relative path for uploads but not work.

The only fix I found was changing Upload Folder URL to: /master/uploads/

It's a easy fix but I need relative path to get an easy manage (master CMS) of my multiple licenses.

What can I do?

Thanks in advance.

Re: [alissibronte] Relative Website root directory

By gregThomas - September 19, 2012


Thanks for posting, just to confirm; are your uploads currently working as you would like?

I'm not sure what you mean by managing your multiple licences. Could you clarify exactly what your trying to do and we can provide some options and approaches.


Greg Thomas

PHP Programmer -

Re: [alissibronte] Relative Website root directory

By gregThomas - September 20, 2012

Thanks for the updating me. I've set up a test example to what I think you want to create.

I have my CMS in the directory:

and I have my uploads folder in:

To get uploads working I had my uploads directory set to:


and my upload folder url set to:


Let me know if I've missed anything!

Greg Thomas

PHP Programmer -