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By robin - June 16, 2011

Hey All,

We have a first beta of CMS Builder v2.10, beta list members will get a download link shortly.

This version is a maintenance release that also adds new features to make server moves easier.

The two main new features are:
-The CMSB builder install screen can now be re-activated by removing /data/isInstalled.php.
-You can now restore from backup directly from the install screen.

Here is the changelog:

- Server Moves: You can now re-install the software by erasing /data/isInstalled.php
- Server Moves: You can now restore from a backup file on the install screen

- Plugin System: Added new filter: login_content for login page content
- Programmers: Added function 'prettyDate' to output human readable style relative dates such as: 29 minutes ago
- Programmers: mysql_count() now accepts WHERE queries as arrays

- Passwords: Fixed issue where users could login with their encrypted password string (actual text password now required)
- Field Editor: Fixed issue where recreating thumbnails would keep repeating errors if height or width was blank
- Editor Fields: Fixed issue where the default value of a date field would not be set if the user did not have edit access to it.
- Upload Urls: Upload fields with custom paths/urls no longer add the current hostname to generated urls in viewers
- Misc Code and other minor improvements

If you're not already on the beta tester email list and you'd like to help beta test (you must own at least 1 CMSB license) please email to be added to the list.


Re: [robin] Notice: CMSB v2.10 Beta!

By Deborah - June 21, 2011

Love the new 'copy an existing section' feature. A big timesaver for me!

When specifying a custom upload field, the example paths provided show the custom upload directory specified in the General Settings, appended with 'custom/'. Is it possible to make 'custom/' go away and just show the URL indicated in General Settings? I like to copy/paste from the examples to save time.

For directory path, instead of:
Example: /vservers/mysite/htdocs/cmsb-images2/custom/

Show only:
Example: /vservers/mysite/htdocs/cmsb-images2/

(same for folder url)

~ Deborah

Re: [robin] Notice: CMSB v2.10 Beta!

By Deborah - June 22, 2011

When 'Use Custom Upload Directory' is checked, the Directory Path and Folder URL form fields show examples them. It is in the examples that the 'custom/' appears.

Hmmm. It occurs to me now that 'custom/' is probably there to indicate how to create a sub-folder.

The way I usually set up my directory structure is to indicate a collective folder in the general settings then place sub-folders within it. In prior versions I could click the 'reset' link and the form fields would be pre-filled with the default directory and I could simply type my sub-directory name after the trailing slash. Now I don't have a way to pre-populate the fields and must copy/paste from the example below and then type over 'custom'.

I guess I just got used to doing things a certain way, but it's not a big deal and probably not an issue for others.

~ Deborah

Re: [Deborah] Notice: CMSB v2.10 Beta!

By Dave - June 22, 2011

Hi Deborah,

Both of the examples below the fields work, so you can enter the full path if you want or just the relative path.

Try just typing your subdirectory with a trailing slash. Example:
Directory Path: my-subdir/
Folder URL: my-subdir/

It should automatically figure out that that goes under your regular upload folder.

Let me know if that works for you.
Dave Edis - Senior Developer

Re: [Dave] Notice: CMSB v2.10 Beta!

By Deborah - June 23, 2011

Sorry, but this isn't working for me or I'm not understanding something. Here's what I have...

Upload Directory = /vservers/mysite/htdocs/beta-images/
Upload Folder URL = /beta-images/

Directory Path = test1/
Folder URL = test1/

The image is uploaded to the correct directory and the thumbnail is created, but the resulting image paths are incorrect (as shown in the admin and in the generated code).

Here are the URLs resulting from the above settings:

Do I have something indicated wrong? Thanks.
~ Deborah

Re: [Deborah] Notice: CMSB v2.10 Beta!

By Dave - June 23, 2011

Hi Deborah,

Hmm, I think that may be a bug because it should work. I'll email you an updated version to test.

Stay tuned. :)
Dave Edis - Senior Developer

Re: [Dave] Notice: CMSB v2.10 Beta!

By Deborah - June 23, 2011


The updated beta works perfectly!

~ Deborah

Re: [Deborah] Notice: CMSB v2.10 Beta!

By Deborah - June 27, 2011

Just curious to know if there is a release date set for 2.10.

~ Deborah, who is anxiously waiting

Re: [robin] Notice: CMSB v2.10 Beta!

By robin - June 27, 2011

Hi all,

We've just released v2.10 beta 2 (beta list members will get an email with a download link shortly.)

In addition to the changes listed in the first post above, we've fixed all the bugs that people reported with beta 1.

We are excited to release this in the next few days if there are no problems.

Please post any feedback, questions, or bugs you find!