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By ht1080z - February 2, 2011 - edited: February 2, 2011


I search for way to use records in my form as textarea value but after every record i need <br/> to create some styling in the textarea. from html is cannot be done.
i need to show the records before the user submit the form.

Values are:
Model: <?php echo $used_itemsRecord['model'] ?>
Year: <?php echo $used_itemsRecord['year'] ?>
S/N: <?php echo $used_itemsRecord['sn'] ?>

Any suggestion on this?

Re: [ht1080z] Records as textarea value

By Jason - February 3, 2011


Try something like this:

Values are:<?php echo "\n";?>
Model: <?php echo $used_itemsRecord['model'] ?><?php echo "\n";?>
Year: <?php echo $used_itemsRecord['year'] ?><?php echo "\n";?>
S/N: <?php echo $used_itemsRecord['sn'] ?> <?php echo "\n";?>

<?php echo "\n";?> outputs a line break character.

Hope this helps
Jason Sauchuk - Project Manager

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