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By pothompson - August 17, 2010

I've had a couple of ideas for future development of CMS Builder and thought I'd put them here in case they were of any interest to you.

1) Include Picnik image editting. This is done from sites like allowing users to not only upload images, but also crop them.

2) Select upload from library. I'm currently working on a site where uploads can appear on more than one page. It would be useful to add an already existing file to an upload instead of having to upload it again and the program renaming it to _001 or whatever.

I'm sure neither of these are five minute jobs but just in case you haven't already thought of them.

Thanks, Paul.

Re: [pothompson] Development ideas

By northernpenguin - August 18, 2010

Paul: I am very interested in your second idea as a number of my sites have that particular issue, and it definitely ends up using a ton of storage to have the same file multiple times.

I do know that TinyMCE has an addon that would solve this problem. I have used it, however you do have to purchase it and upgrades to CMSB break the addon install.

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