CMSB v1.37 Beta (Build 4): Signup & Feedback thread

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By Kenny - November 12, 2009

That must have been it because I can't duplicate the problem on other installs on other computers and other browsers.

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By Dave - November 13, 2009

Note, if anyone is getting errors after installing/upgrading try reverting or removing the .htaccess file. It has some php settings in it that cause problems for servers running PHP in CGI or FastCGI mode. This will be fixed in the next build.
Dave Edis - Senior Developer
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By gkornbluth - November 13, 2009

Nicely done Guys and Gals...

And worthy of being called CMSB v 2.0


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By northernpenguin - November 15, 2009

Dave: Love the new look. Everything seems to be working well. I haven't found any problems. My only (minor) issue is the same as jtedescojam's. I really like the look he has provided in his attachment.

I have 5 clients with a total of 8 groups, each group with at least 5 sections, so jtedescojam's look would work very well for me.

Keep up the excellent work!
Northern Penguin Technologies

"Any sufficiently advanced technology
is indistinguishable from magic."
........Arthur C. Clarke

Re: [gkornbluth] CMSB v1.37 Beta (Build 4): Signup & Feedback thread

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By Dave - November 18, 2009

Hi Jerry,

If you click the heading of an open section it will also cause it to close. But there is an option I added in the code for what you're requesting.

If you look in cmsAdmin/lib/menus/header_functions.php there's a line like this:
$showAdminAtTop = false;

If you change that to true it will show at the top.

Note that one side effect of that is any menu options that were previously at the top that weren't inside a menu group will then appear as if they are in the admin group.

Hope that helps!
Dave Edis - Senior Developer
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By Deborah - November 19, 2009

The new user interface styling looks great and everything is functioning perfectly for me.

I noticed a version or two ago that the code generator is indicating the alt attribute for images as
alt' ' instead of alt=""

I believe the double quotes are the correct format, although either method seems to validate. I've been changing the code each time, but thought I'd speak up to see if that could be revised.

Thanks for your continually improving CMS Builder!


Re: [Deborah] CMSB v1.37 Beta (Build 4): Signup & Feedback thread

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By Dave - November 19, 2009

Hi Deborah,

Sure, no problem. I've updated alt='' to be alt="" so the quotes are consistent with the other quotes created by the code generator.

Dave Edis - Senior Developer
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By studio-a - November 20, 2009 - edited: November 21, 2009

Hey Dave,

We really like the new look. Makes a great first impression! However, we have been working with the system and believe to find a problem.

We have an “upload” field that works fine with uploading the image and such (haven’t tested the output for file size yet). The problem is that we cannot REMOVE the image after it’s been uploaded. The browsers just time out. Below are the facts thus far:

Browsers with the problem:
** EI 7.0.6 and FireFox 3.5.5

Various Setting for upload field:
** With and without custom upload directories
** Required field and not a required field
** Limited uploaded file formats gif, jpg, png
** No Extra Fields are in place (for title, description etc)
** Limited number of files 01 to 25 didn't try any higher
** With more than one image uploaded we still experience the problem

Additional complication:
** EI 7.0 only displays the thumbnail image for the upload field to be the height of the text for that row rather than the heigth of the thumbnail.

We were hoping to roll this out for a client review, but this is a show stopper. Hopefully it's something simple.

After further looking into the upload complication we have narrowed it down! If you do not INCLUDE an "extra fields" option (for photo title, description etc) the REMOVE link does not work.

As long as there is at least one "extra field" then the remove link will work. No content for the field is required, only its presence.

However, now there is this extra step for the field and a "modify" link in the admin section which I am sure the client will wonder what is its purpose. Hopfully this will be fixed for the release so that NO "extra fields" wil be required. We hope this feedback helps.

Overall, we really appreciate your work! cmsBuilder is perfect for designers that have basic php knowledge to offer custom CMS development. Better yet, while we continue to incoporate cmsBuilder into our business it allows us to grow our php knowledge and grow our services.

Looking forward to the actual release!


Re: [studio-a] CMSB v1.37 Beta (Build 4): Signup & Feedback thread

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By studio-a - November 21, 2009 - edited: November 21, 2009

Found a CSS issue for EI 7.0

We are using the default style sheet.
Within the User Accounts > Access >

When you select "By Section" the expansion does not display the options. Works fine in FireFox 3.5.5