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Re: [craighodges] CMSB Structure

By Chris - August 5, 2009

Hi craighodges,

Depending on who is allowed to edit what, and if some of your pages will have the same fields (i.e. only a "content" field), you might consider organizing your individual pages into Multiple Record Sections. You can "Disable Add (Don't allow adding records)" and "Disable Erase (Don't allow removing records)" on a section and then treat the "records" as separate pages, even creating separate viewers which are hard-coded to load specific records.

However, if you aren't completely sure your pages will forever need only a content field, or you're concerned that you might need to move pages between sections, you're probably better off having lots of separate sections. It won't break the software, just the page layout! :)

Don't forget that you can rearrange your Sections so that an administrator will be able to find commonly used sections easily by moving them to the top.

Hope this helps!
All the best,