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Re: [james_jackson] MySql Error related to Section Editor

Addendum: When deleting a user account I just got the following error message:

Notice: Use of undefined constant mysql_affected_rows - assumed 'mysql_affected_rows' in /home/anthony/anthonyrealtor.com/cmsAdmin/lib/menus/default/actionHandler.php on line 73

Re: [james_jackson] MySql Error related to Section Editor

By Dave - August 5, 2008

Hi James,

Are you running the latest version? If not you might try upgrading. Let me know, I'm curious about the second error you posted about.

>MySQL Error: Unknown column 'title' in 'order clause'

Check for a field called "Order By" under the "Sorting Tab" in the Section Editors. That field tells the program how to sort your records, but if you remove a field you need to remove it from there as well.

Hope that helps, let me know if you still are having problems after that.
Dave Edis - Senior Developer