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By Djulia - December 27, 2007

Thank you Dave, your adaptation functions perfectly. [:)]


Re: [Djulia] Field Editor

By Dave - December 27, 2007

Whew, I'm glad to hear that! :)

After we release the next version I think I might write up a tutorial on how to do this so it's easier! :)
Dave Edis - Senior Developer

By Djulia - December 27, 2007

Hi Dave,

I could add features to limit on a menu by menu basis if users are allowed to "add" or "remove" records, but it would affect all users and you'd need to turn it on and off when you want to add/remove records again.

I use this solution, to prevent, that the recordings are deleted by the user.

in /lib/menus/default/list.php

<?php $username = $CURRENT_USER['username']; ?>
<?php if ($username == 'admin'): ?>
<a href="javascript:confirmEraseRecord('<?php echo htmlspecialchars($menu) ?>','<?php echo $record{'num'} ?>');">erase</a>
<?php else: ?>
<?php endif ?>

But, it is not best solution, it would be better if it were possible to indicate only some recordings.

But, I am certain that you will find a solution for a future update. [;)]