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Hi -
Can you tell me if both programs use the same wysiwyg text editors? The reason I'm asking is that in cmsbuilder you can select and style text through the dropdown box at the top left of the text editor (selecting <heading1> etc., but unless I've done something silly you don't have that option in AM2, just a font selector?

I like the CMS style selector very much! Is there a way of getting it to show you a full range of styles from your own external stylesheet?

Regards, Steve.

Re: [steve_e] AM2 & CMS text editors

They don't use the same editors. AM2 uses "InnovaStudio WYSIWYG Editor" and CMS Builder uses "TinyMCE". Customizing the WYSIWYG is outside our free support but they both have docs (ask if/when you need those). Both editors let you specify which buttons are displayed and have different options.

In Article Manager 2 you can adjust the wysiwyg in this file:

If you search for "buttons" you'll find some code that lists all the available buttons. There's a few there that may do what you want (such as the "StyleAndFormatting").

In CMS Builder the WYSIWYG code is in this file (just search for "buttons" and you'll find it):
[program dir]/lib/menus/default/edit_functions.php

And to answer the second question, I believe both editors have ways of listing styles from external stylesheets and letting the user pick from those. I'll post more details on doing that in CMS Builder that in a moment.
Dave Edis - Senior Developer

Re: [Dave] AM2 & CMS text editors

Thanks Dave, that's all very useful. I've already got the documentation from innova as a result of a previous post, but I'm finding it difficult to work through which is why I was pleased to see the styles listed in the CMS editor.

I'm currently using a combination of both in a new site I'm putting together, so it took me a while to realise why I could do some things in one and not in another... [:P]