User Accounts hide Section Access from none admins

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By hk - January 2, 2020


In User Accounts the Section Editor set to "By Selection" is always visible to the User and can be changed by the user.

I want only the admin have access to the Selection Settings, but could not find the "Advanced Options" section in the Section Editor.

Please advise


By Damon - January 8, 2020

Hi Helmut,

When you are setting up or editing an existing user, for Section Access choose By Section, then uncheck User Accounts.

This will prevent users from seeing and editing their access or anyone elses.

If the user wants to edit their own details, they can use the My Account link.

Also, you can also add and choose which fields display in My Accounts by editing a field in User Accounts and checking My Account - Show this field in "My Account" section

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.


Damon Edis -

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By hk - January 8, 2020


I tried all this options. For my setup I want to give some people in the organization access to the user database and assign them as editor for part of the sections.

This persons should not be able to change the access to the sections for themself or other users. Only an admin should be allowed to make changes.

Thank You