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By Mikey - March 6

Anyone have any idea how to change "SimpleForum" to open attachments into a new window when clicked?

By Dave - March 6

Hi Mikey, 

Try this: 

  • Open this file: /cmsb/plugins/simpleForum/simpleForum-html.php
  • Make a backup first and then search for this (around line 310): <a href='$downloadLink'>

Replace this: 

$uploadLinks[] = ($postNum)? "<a href='$downloadLink'>" .htmlencode($filenameNoExt). "</a> $filesizeK" : htmlencode($filenameNoExt) . " $filesizeK" ;

With this: adding: target='_blank'

$uploadLinks[] = ($postNum)? "<a href='$downloadLink' target='_blank'>" .htmlencode($filenameNoExt). "</a> $filesizeK" : htmlencode($filenameNoExt) . " $filesizeK" ;

Let me know if that works for you!

Dave Edis - Senior Developer

By Mikey - March 6

That worked perfectly.

Thank you Dave!!